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 Each week we focus on a different theme that empowers and educates our young men to become active, productive and agents of change. Each theme will build discipline, social skills, integrity and character. 


Entrepreneur Week will focus on opening the minds of our young men as they discuss their personal and professional aspirations. This week they will have the opportunity to interview entrepreneurs, learning how to become an entrepreneur and the pros and cons of entrepreneurship.


Science Week focuses on teaching the WHY did something happen and HOW does something work.


Sports Week will focus on having our young men explore different sports. There will be dodgeball games, basketball clinic, football game and soccer tournament. Our young men will also travel to the Philadelphia Soul Football practice, meet different athletes throughout the city and workout with a professional trainer.


Wellness Week focuses on developing good eating habits and daily physical activities in order to create a healthy lifestyle. This week will focus on enhancing their mental and social wellness. During this week, the young men will participate in fitness class, create healthy meals using the “My Plate” module, learn social skills, and talk signs of stress.

Service Week

Community Service Week focuses on exposing our young men to the value of community service. Our young men will service the community through feeding the homeless and cleaning a park. They will have a question and answer session with different community leaders in Philadelphia. Our young men will also create their own community service project that will be shared in our final week of camp


Smart Week focuses on enhancing education through STEM and Literature. Often times children view summer vacation as a “break” from school work, and have a hard time retaining information learned during the school year. We have developed interactive and instructional activities to ensure educational success throughout the summer. During this week we will teach cursive and creative writing, explore various topics from Black History to marine life, and prepare our young men for the First Annual We DREAM Spelling Bee!


Money Matters Week focuses on teaching our young men the importance of saving, budgeting and investing. Our young men will travel to a local bank, learn how to write a budget and participate in a financial seminar that discusses the power of a dollar.


DREAM Week focuses on teaching the young men the importance of following their dreams. We believe that great dreamers grow to be independent, learning that they can make a difference all by themselves. We will teach the young men the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Our activities during this week will focus on helping the young men explore their passions. Young men will also create vision boards that will showcase everything they have learned over the summer. We will end with a camp presentation and a closing ceremony.

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